Specialized Courses

Atemi Tots (Kids from 3 to 6)
Rape lecture seminars
Rape defense
Self defense for the aged
Self defense for kids
Basic Self defense course
Advanced self defense course
Group attack defense
Dealing with deranged, intoxicated, drugged and violent persons
In car anti-hijack fighting
Unarmed combat (Hand-to-Hand) course
Close Quarter combat
Ground fighting
Judo techniques
Knife defense systems (Committed Blade)
Knife fighting systems (Single and double handed)
Firearm defense systems
Firearm retention (Handgun and rifle)
Single stick/baton/tonfa/telescopic baton/ASP fighting
Double or two handed stick fighting systems
Arresting and restraining techniques
Searching techniques
Hand cuffing techniques
Crowd control
Gentlemanly defense systems
Buddy defense systems
Patron removal
Weapon improvisation techniques
Specialized training for security (gaurding, identifying and searching-entry and exit points)
Commando tactics
Airport security systems
Executive defense systems
VIP defense training
The VIP courses are highly specialized unarmed and armed close quarter combat. Each syllabi is individualized to suite the clients unique environments inline with protocol and procedure. Each is drawn up after a consultation with the client.
Frieslaar Ryu Atemi Jujitsu advanced specialized unarmed close quarter combat

2 thoughts on “Specialized Courses

  1. Hi there,

    I am an adult female. 36 years old – looking for self-defense specialised courses.

    I see there are numerous offerings – please would you let me know of availability, times and pricing please.

    Kind regards


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