Law Enforcement


In 1994 Clinton joined the South African Police Services and has 11 years of active service experience in law enforcement. While his current role is outside the SAPS he continues to be actively involved in law enforcement. When Clinton joined the SAPS and attended SAPS training college he gained first hand experience of the system taught to the official system taught by the SAPS. He found that even the most basic knowledge he had from training with Shihan Thaya was more superior than what was being taught to the SAPS students.

Due to his exposure to the police environment Clinton developed a training program for police officials incorporating more non-lethal restraining and handcuffing techniques, and more firearm defenses (including the psychology of firearm defence) into the Atemi-Jujitsu syllabus. Each of these techniques has been tested on streets as a police officer. His new law enforcement focused syllabus (called Frieslaar Ryu Atemi-Jujitsu) covers many of the shortfalls he identified whilst in the SAPS and in his current law enforcement role.