Sensei Clinton Raymond Frieslaar (Global Head of the Institute)

Clinton Raymond Frieslaar has been actively involved in martial arts and self defence since 1991 when he met Soke Thaya Moodaley. Clinton was the last instructor and Atemi Jujitsu practitioner to be graded to his 5th Degree Black Belt in Atemi Jujitsu under the late Soke Ben Mängels (10th Dan and Founder of the South African Institute of Unarmed Combat) and Shihan Thaya Moodelay (7th Dan and retired Head of the SAIUC and current President of the International South African Institute of Unarmed Combat). Clinton excelled in Judo, representing the Eastern Province at the National Judo Championships in 2002 and 2003, and was the Provincial Registrar and Vice Chairperson for the Eastern Province Judo Association.

Ranked as combat pistol shooting marksman, Clinton represented the Eastern Cape in the SAPS Pistol Association (SAPPA) competitively, was captain and vice-captain of the SAPPA (Port Elizabeth) between 1995 and 2005.

During police training Clinton was the top student in his platoon, he placed first on the SWAT Course, third on the Detectives Course, was the top student on the CAS course, on most immigration courses, placed third on the management of entry course. During his 11 years with the SAPS, Clinton held the following positions: Commander: Illegal Immigrant Unit, Commander: Port Elizabeth Airport Unit, Commander Information / Intelligence Gathering, Intelligence Officer Border Police, Commander and Field Training Officer, Joint Operations Leader with the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) and Department of Special Operations (DSO / SCORPIONS), Intelligence Officer Abalone Task Team, Commander of Border Police Intelligence. He left the SAPS as an inspector. Clinton holds a Bachelors of Technology Degree in Policing and is currently studying his LLB. He is a consultant on Intellectual Property matters relating to infringements and enforcement thereof and Fraud Investigations.

Sensei Clinton has developed his personal fighting system known as FRIESLAAR RYU ATEMI JUJITSU or FRAJJ. It is an advanced fighting system covering various spheres of training from the physical to the psychological. The system covers a broad spectrum of the fighting arts Sensei Frieslaar was exposed too and more. Much of it is based on personal life experiences whilst growing up ‘GROWING UP TOUGH”, his life in the front line as a Police Officer, Close Protection Officer and having to defend himself. A prominent and sought after skill is Sensei Frieslaar’s “Committed Blade (Knife defensive and Offensive Techniques) and Advanced Tactical Firearm Defense systems”. This is based on his experiences over the many years of training and working and it is based on REALITY BASED fighting techniques. These are largely aimed at Specialised Forces, Military and Commnado personnel, Police, Security personnel, Close Protection Officers and Tactical Response Teams.

Sensei Frieslaar is a SASSETA (Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority) ( and ITA (International Firearm Training Academy) Accredited Tactical and Advanced Handgun, Pump Action, Rifle and Carbine Firearms Instructor, Range Officer and Assessor. He is also a Grade “A” PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) accredited Security Service Provider. He is an international Close Quarter Combat and Self Defence Consultant, Law Enforcement, Risk Assessment Analyst, Safety and Security Services and Close Protection Services (Bodyguarding) Consultant.

Sensei Clinton is the Global Head of the International / South African Institute of Unarmed Combat (ISAIUC).