Instructors within the International South African Institute of Unarmed Combat

Sensei Clinton Frieslaar

  • Specialities: Law enforcement unarmed combat, Law enforcement Judo, Close Quarter Combat (CQC), Hand-to-Hand Combat (H2H), Rape defense, Knife, Stick/Baton and¬†Firearm Defences, Weapon Retention, Specialized Knife Fighting systems, Specialized Stick/Baton Fighting systems,¬†Arresting, Restraining and Searching Techniques, Ground Fighting, Grappling, Specialized Advanced Hand-to-Hand (H2H) and Close Quarter Combat (CQC) training for Close Protection Officers, In-car Fighting systems, Self Defense for kids, Self Defense for the aged.

Sensei Philip Collier

  • Specialities: Rapid Response Close-Quaters-Combat, Hand-to-Hand, Chinese Kung Fu.

Sensei Pat Bambrough

  • Specialities: Knife Fighting, Grappling, Filipino Hand-to-Hand.