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www.toddgroup.comTodd Group – Combative Specialists – CQB, CQC, Armed and Unarmed                                                          Combat Headquarters: Dunedin New Zealand –                                                                          Phone/Fax: +64-3-4778902

http://www.closecombatinstructors.comThe International Close Combat Instructors                                                                              Association The World’s Allied Elite Association of                                                                  Military Qualified Instructors – Captain Ben Mängels –                                                                  Founder and Life member of the ISAIUC – THE KUNG FU SCHOOL | TAI CHI CHUAN : FOSHAN WING CHUN :                                        SELF DEFENCE – Krav Maga is a self-defense system developed by the                                                     Israeli army. In Hebrew, the Krav Maga literally means                                                                “contact combat.” Suburbs Karate (JKA) – Dragon Suburbs is a                                                               proud ( JKA AFFILLIATED) karate club where we train hard                                                         and work hard to become the best of the best! – Fuller Firearms cc – Fuller Firearms trades in arms and ammunition and                                        has a registered gunsmith (Andy Fuller). Their sister training company is                                      Homtini Tactical Shooting Academy, accredited to train according to the                                      unit standards for all purposes relating to the Firearms Control Act. They                                      have a selection of shooting ranges offering facilities for rifle, handgun and                                    shotgun shooting and training to civilians and security companies. – Glass Strengthening System  – GSS is the world’s leading Glass                                                  Strengthening System, strengthening ordinary glass up to 400%,                                                  and making it virtually impenetrable. – STRIKE Tactical Solutions is the company that will provide                                                           YOU with reality-based tactical training. We specialize in training                                                 Military and Law Enforcement agencies with modern training that                                                   prepares them to deal with modern threats.

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